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SizeGenetics Discounts

If you wish to have traction enlargements then think of SizeGenetics Discounts as your best way for that extra pleasure during sex. You surely save a lot of money when you actually get the results through any other means including surgeries could have cost a lot. The traction enlargement or in other words penis enlargement has been a success and there is quite a buzz around since the first time it appeared before the public.

You can therefore book your order either on starter packages or full kit and get them tested by wearing it as comfortably as possible. The starter packages have no discounts while the full kit is worth it as the company comes with a lot of offers and discounts from time to time. You will see noticeable changes in the attitude of your partner as the SizeGenetics Discounts do give you the result within a few months.

So what do you do to get the best SizeGenetics Discounts offer? You purchase the product by first entering the Discount Code. This is quite easy as the website has all the details given in it. Then you need to click on the Apply Link. Your tiny effort this way would enable you to get a 50% discount.

If you calculate you will see that you make not less than 30% discounts in many of the offer packages. This again would mean that you have ordered a full system. It also comes with a 180 days guarantee or full refund of your money.


What is Size Genetics?

The idea of enlarging the male sexual organ has been in the minds of medical practitioners and people for quite some time. There were several attempts and this included medication and surgery. However, most of these were expensive and some didn't provide the desired results. The SizeGenetics Discounts packages which you may purchase have revolutionized the very concept of traction enlargement.

The product is easy to wear and is perhaps the most ideal among the rest of the products in the market due to its easy fittings and comfortableness. It has been clinically tested and do not have any side effects. Enlarging the size of the penis is the goal of this device as it gives maximum satisfaction to the couple performing sex. It has been seen that there has been a flood of queries to medical practitioners for increasing the size of the male sexual organ. Undoubtedly, SizeGenetics Discounts is the top performer in this market segment.

How Does it Work?

The idea first generated out of the problems of erection facing many men and thus a suitable traction system was developed in the laboratory. However, SizeGenetics Discounts also became one of the best products for enlarging the penis too. The idea is to apply the same method by which the body biologically stretches the muscles while training during heavy workouts and body building activities.

As the muscles expand over time through a series of stretching thus leading to cell duplication the body over time gets adjusted to the expansion. When the body muscles heal the expansion of the muscles, in this case the part of the penis which holds the blood during the time of an erection stabilizes after expanding. The result is a perceptible increase of 1inch or more in length as well as good increase in girth which would undoubtedly increase the sexual enjoyment of the female partner.


Evidence/ Medical Endorsements

The SizeGenetics Discounts offers concrete proof in support of the product and the same has found positive reviews from media, and several medical experts and practitioners. Some of the important endorsement notable from medical profession are enough to convince any person as to veracity of the arguments in favor of SizeGenetics Discounts. Among these is Dr. Joru Edge Siana (MD) who is a specialist in General and Plastic Surgery while there is Dr Finn Worm Knudsen (MD) who is a specialist in plastic surgery and is also the member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The third endorsement for the product came from Dr. Michael A. Carter (Psy. D. RCP) and who is the director of clinical psychology. And who is also one of the world's leading psychologists and specializes in sex and sexual relationships.

SizeGenetics Discounts Pricing /Packages

The SizeGenetics Discounts offers great pricing and different types of packages for the customers to choose from and all guaranteeing result oriented penile expansion. You may choose one of the three packages and these come back with money back guarantees. The starter package costs $199.95 and this also includes the penis extender, free shipping and also the six months guarantee.

The second package costs $398.00 including the penis extender with a 16 Way Comfort system and a leather case. The product is free shipped and has a six months money back guarantee. The third package costs $398.95 including the penis extender and this too includes the 16 Way Comfort System, leather case and contains the device only. There is free shipping and six months money back guarantee too along with this system.

The third package costs $398.95 and includes SizeGenetics Discounts extender in the 16 Way Comfort System, MDA technology, leather case, online access of penis health, online access of DVD, Revita cream, traction powder, bonus DVDs and also lock and key system. There is also free shipping and six months guarantee too.

Where to buy SizeGenetics?

You may purchase SizeGenetics Discounts products through their official website. The shipping is done the moment the company receives the order and the payment. The payment may be made through PayPal, debit or credit card, check or money order. The products are well packed and shipped from Nottingham and is done with strict confidence and duly taking into consideration the customer's privacy.

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